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With the awareness of the 3D impact factors nowadays with the likes of Sean Foley talking D plane numbers, and top teachers like Martin Hall working daily with golf radar systems like Trackman and Flightscope. If you are interested in learning how education of these numbers which have dramatic effects on your ball flight and game and by learning the technicalities of what happens at impact and through the impact area it can seriously simplify your swing thought.

Get a bet understanding of these technical data to simplify your swing and increase feel. It really does get easier.

Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, and to be honest all the top Tour Players understand D plane and are getting better because of this understanding of what is going on.

What is Flightscope?

FlightScope®, is a global high-tech company, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D Doppler ball tracking monitors, golf radars and launch monitors for sports.

Founded in 1989 in South Africa by electronics engineer Henri Johnson, the company started by manufacturing Doppler Radar systems for the defence industry to measure the speed of projectiles. The company remains prominent in the defence industry today, supplying radar systems to more than 24 countries around the world.

With years of experience in Doppler radar and phased


What is D Plane?

D plane is what gives the ball its flight characteristics, it is a correlation between the clubs blade at impact and how the clubs centre of gravity is moving through the ball.

This determines the the golf balls vertical axis which again using flightscope we can tell you what is is to the degree.

For example did you know that you hit a draw with an open clubface to target?

This is a great video showing how the 2 components make the ball fly a certain way.

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